Formula Student

In that competition students of engineering from all over the world compete in the design, development, building and driving a single-seater competition car. It is an educational project that allows the engineering students to be part of a real professional experience. Formula Student represents a higher level master degree in the automotive sector.

Formula Student promotes the academic excellence of engineering because it covers all aspects of the automotive industry, including the investigation, design, building, testing, developing, commercializing, administration and finances. This competition allows the students to use their knowledge in real experience. They are putting this knowledge, that they have been learning for many years, into practice, and also at the same time they are learning from what they are doing.

Evolution of Formula Student Spain

In 2010, and for the first time in Spain, STA, with the collaboration of public institutions and important automotive companies, organized the first event of Formula Student Spain, providing the opportunity to the students of different universities to show the work during the course, in the famous Barcelona-Catalonia Circuit.

Thanks to the effort of many people and institutions, Formula Student Spain have been growing every year from 11 teams in 2010 to 100 in 2020 with Teams from 19 different countries.


Formula Student has two main competition categories: 3 static events & 5 dynamics events.

Business Plan Presentation (75 Points)

The teams have to present to a supposed car competition manufacturer (the judges) the business plan for the vehicle built. The objective is to convince them that the vehicle meets the demands of the target group and that their production and marketing will generate profits.

Cost & Manufacturing (100 Points)

The discipline consists of delivering a document and the judges will discuss the costs of the materials and the building of the car.

Engineering Design (150 Points)

In the report of design, students write all the technological solutions applied in their single-seater, and the advantages. In the competition, the judges will evaluate the documents and the vehicles, and they will discuss the aptitude with the students.

Skidpad (75 Points)

The vehicle has to make a circuit in an eight shape, two circles on the left to circles on the right in the shortest time possible. In that test the vehicle show to the judges the lateral acceleration.

Acceleration (75 Points)

The car has to accelerate in a straight line for 75 meters in the shortest time possible. This is one of the most spectaculars events in FSS since 2018 this event takes place during the night under the Circuit the Catalunya stars.

Autocross (100 Points)

That event consists of driving the car more or less for a kilometre, with straights and curves. The time achieved in that event is an indicator of the dynamic qualities and manoeuvrability. The results will be decided by the order of the next event, the endurance. Here you can see and on-board of a team of the last season. Feel like a driver!

Endurance & Efficiency (325+100 Points)

The most important event. Over 22 kilometres the cars have to demonstrate their tolerance to do long distances. They will demonstrate their performance: acceleration, velocity, manoeuvrability, dynamics, fuel consumption and reliability. The cars will have to demonstrate everything.