MathWorks confirmed as silver sponsor for Formula Student Spain 2022

STA officialize one of our main sponsors for the XII edition of  Formula Student, that is taking place between august 29th and september 4th 2022.

As you may know by now, this year edition is taking place in Parcmotor in Castellolí and STA and MatWorks are proud to confirm that the american corporation is one of the mains sponsors of the FSS 2022. 

Formula Student attract engineer students for all around the world as it provides a real professional experience and represents a top-level master’s degree in the automotive sector, and enables students to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-life experience. 

MathWorks prepares and supports the next generation of scientists and engineers with software, training, and mentoring to tackle the same technical issues as professional engineers. And using industry-standard tools, student teams apply classroom theory to competition problems. Formula Student Spain provides them with a platform to support these future engineers.

Moreover, the team from MathWorks will be onsite Wednesday to Friday to help you develop your skills in Battery Modeling and Raceline Optimization, whilst also giving you the chance to learn more about our Automated Driving Toolbox and Simscape Templates. 

Veer Alakshendra, MathWorks PhD, declared: “Formula Student Spain is a competition that challenges teams of university students to conceive, design, fabricate, develop, and compete with small, formula-style, race cars. To achieve these goals, modeling and simulation play a key role by improving the quality of the system design early, thereby reducing the number of errors found later in the design process. Used by engineers and scientists worldwide, MATLAB and Simulink can help the teams to design vehicle components and perform full vehicle simulations. Having experience with these tools can develop the skills needed for in-demand careers in automotive, IoT, artificial intelligence, and more”.
José Manuel Barrios, STA President, commented: “The competition brings together prestigious universities, professionals and companies in the mobility and companies in the mobility sector. The interaction between all of them, with the vehicles designed, built and driven by the participants as a basis, is the start of relationships between them, vehicles designed, built and driven by the participants as a basis, is the start of professional relationships and unique professional relationships and unique experiences. The competition could not take place without the collaboration of our sponsors who help us to carry out this incredible project”.