Nissan announced as principal sponsor for Formula Student Spain 2022

STA unveil the principal sponsor for the XII edition of  Formula Student, that will take place from august 29th to september 4th 2022.

Having recently confirmed that this year edition will take place in Parcmotor in Castellolí, STA and Nissan are proud to announce that the  NISSAN Technical Center Europe in Spain ( NTCE-S) will became the main sponsor of FSS 2022 edition. 

Formula Student attract engineer students for all around the world as it provides a real professional experience and represents a top-level master’s degree in the automotive sector, and enables students to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-life experience. 

Nissan, founded in 1933, has a proud history of supporting Formula Student. Since the first edition, the NISSAN Technical Center Europe in Spain ( NTCE-S) has been collaborating with FSS and the 2022 edition won’t be an exception.

Moreover, FSS and NISSAN share common values, such as the Passion of driving innovation, to electrification and to autonomous driving (ADAS-driveless). Do what others don’t dare to do, is part of NISSAN DNA and it represents the fundamental values of the FSS competition, were more than 50 teams will bring their innovations to the track.

José Gabarro, Nissan Technical Centre Europe manager, declared: since the first edition NISSAN has been at the side of the FSS sharing values.  TOGETHER WE DARE, WE CARE and WE LEAD. From NTCE-S, the NISSAN Barcelona Technical Centre, we feel even closer to the FSS; we share a passion for combustion cars, the transition to electrification and autonomous vehicles (ADAS). The Nissan LEAF was designed from the ground up to be an electric vehicle 12 years ago and this year with the launch of the new ARIYA we reinforce NISSAN’s commitment to the environment and sustainability. At NISSAN we believe in the importance of people and their growth, which is why we collaborate in their training. The FSS in these years has been the lever that has driven the talent of these young people, giving them the platform where they can demonstrate their skills and talent; And in NISSAN we are proud to say that some of them are now part of the NISSAN family.

José Manuel Barrios, STA President commented: “The competition brings together prestigious universities, professionals and companies in the mobility and companies in the mobility sector. The interaction between all of them, with the vehicles designed, built and driven by the participants as a basis, is the start of relationships between them, vehicles designed, built and driven by the participants as a basis, is the start of professional relationships and unique professional relationships and unique experiences. The competition could not take place without the collaboration of our sponsors who help us to carry out this incredible project”.